When the time comes to have a replace the roof on your house, it’s important to research the contract details from the roofing company before you agree to anything.

In particular, read the warranty information and make sure you understand all the details to be certain that it is the type of warranty you want.

A good warranty by an experienced and recognized roof company will have essential factors that provide proper protection in the event of poor workmanship, faulty materials, or any other problems with the installation of the roof.

1. Manufacturer Warranties

A manufacturer warranty is what a manufacturer of roof materials provides to cover their product in the event that the materials are defective.

There are two types of manufacturer warranties that may be offered and it’s important to know the differences:

  • Full System - This is the top warranty available as it covers all roof system materials including underlayment, flashing, and other accessories or parts plus labor. If there is a problem covered by the warranty, the manufacturer will pay to replace their materials, any other materials that were damaged, or material needed for the repairs plus labor to make the repairs including leak damage.

  • Materials Only - The manufacturer will replace their defective materials and typically the roof membrane, but nothing else. These warranties do not cover labor nor do they pay to repair leak damage caused by their defective materials, so you must pay for all the labor.

2. Contractor Warranties

A contractor warranty is one offered by the roof company actually doing the work that covers the cost of replacing the material and are warranted in two different ways:

  • Labor - This covers labor costs when a manufacturer’s materials only warranty is in effect but does not cover labor when the problem is due to poor workmanship.

  • Workmanship - This covers labor and certain other costs when the roof failure is due to faulty installation by the roofer.

3. Coverage Inclusions and Exclusions

In addition to who is going to pay for what, you should also note what type of damage is and isn't covered by the different warranties.

Leaking due to named causes is standard coverage with most warranties.

Some causes that could have been prevented with better maintenance, resulted from improper or unauthorized repairs, are considered acts of God like extreme weather conditions, and others are excluded from the warranties.

You may be able to add extra coverage to the warranty to protect against things like wind damage, hail damage, and roof punctures.

Know What Constitutes A Good Roof Warranty

A roof replacement that costs thousands of dollars should carry sufficient warranties to protect you in the event that something goes wrong.

Whether your roof experiences a problem due to poorly manufactured materials or a bad installation, make sure you are appropriately covered by the right warranties or you could end up responsible for a big, unexpected repair bill.

Don’t just assume that everything is covered; investigate the warranties being offered and make sure you are!

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