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Getting a new roof can be quite an event for homeowners, who may not know what to expect. A well-planned roofing replacement does not have to mean stress, however, as long as homeowners understand the process involved in installing new roofs. Beginning with the estimate and ending with the final cleanup, this brief explanation of roofing replacement will hopefully help homeowners know what the process involves, and what they can expect from the local roofer of their choice.

Getting An Estimate

Homeowners should get a few estimates on a roofing replacement since there is more to learn from those estimates than just the cost of new a new roof. Discuss any concerns with the different representatives, and read over the estimates very carefully before contracting with a roofer. It is important for homeowners to understand things like different qualities of roofing materials, warranties, cleanup and disposal of roofing waste, and if course all services and materials that are included in the total fee.

To accurately compare all this information, be sure to request a broken down estimate that separately lists all products and services, the associated charges, and all warranty information on workmanship and materials to be used. Through careful comparison of estimates, homeowners should be able to determine what services are necessary, which roofers will provide the most thorough and knowledgeable services and fair cost for those services and materials.

Choosing the Contractor

After examining all estimates, homeowners should choose the few that seem most favorable, then research the companies to help ensure a great roofing replacement. Ask for references from roofers, and ask friends and neighbors for their recommendations. After selecting the contractor and scheduling the date, roofers will normally then ask a homeowner to sign a work contract. Many times a deposit may be requested before work is started.  

Scheduling the Job

Roofing installations take some time, and contractors get very busy during the spring and fall, the two most preferred seasons for roofing replacements. To schedule at the most convenient time for new roofs, homeowners should start getting estimates and researching contractors the season before they would like to actually have the work done. If that is not possible, understand that there may be a wait before contractors can fit another roofing installation in.

When Roofing Day Arrives

Roofs can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to install, depending on the size of the roof, and the extent of the work being performed. The day that the job starts, most homeowners can expect a bit of a mess in their driveway, or the appearance of a rollback dumpster to catch all the old roofing material in, but contractors are usually very careful about containing the mess and cleaning up afterward.

Once the old roof comes off, however, it is possible that roofers may find additional damage that could not be detected before. When this happens, the contractor will discuss the findings and suggest how it should be repaired; if the roof is being covered by an insurance company, however, work will stop temporarily until this information can be reported, and then cleared for any additional payment by the insurance company. After any unexpected damage is discussed and the decisions on repair, cost and payment are made, work will resume and the job completed.

Although every roofer has their own specific procedure when estimating and scheduling roofing replacement jobs, this is a general idea of what homeowners can expect from the process. New roofs do take some serious time and consideration, but the effort involved ensures that homeowners get the best roofing job possible. Homeowners are also encouraged to ask questions during the estimating planning stages so there is a good understanding of the roofing process and no confusion between the different involved parties.

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