Trees make your property look beautiful; however, they can also be a serious threat to your roof if they’re not carefully managed or worse yet, become unstable.

Fallen tree limbs and even whole trees falling are a common reason why some homeowners end up needing a roof replacement.

What should you do to protect your roof from being severely damaged by nearby trees?

Avoid that emergency call to a roof company by knowing the warning signs of a dangerous tree.

When you see these signs, call out a tree service instead so there’s no threat of that tree falling on your roof.

Leaning to One Side

The most visually obvious sign that you have a tree in trouble that could fall and leave you needing roof replacement is one that is leaning or listing to one side.

Instability due to root decay or the ground shifting beneath the tree could cause it to start leaning toward your house.

Whatever the reason, that tree could end up damaging your roof or worse yet, the entire side of your house.

If you notice a tree on your property starting to lean more and more as the seasons pass, this is a red flag that you should have a tree specialist take a look as that tree might be one storm away from blowing over or uprooting if the ground gets saturated and you calling a roofing company.

Dead Branches, Missing Leaves, and Other Signs of Stress

Another sign that a tree might be dying and could be in danger of falling is the frequent dropping of large branches.

Heavy falling limbs can cause a lot of damage and is one of the more common reasons why homeowners call a roof company to make repairs.

Other stress signs, whether due to environmental conditions, construction stress affecting the roots, or some other reason, may appear as well.

These may include entire sections of the tree missing its leaves, one side of the tree looking dead, and drooping or dying branches.

Any of these signs in a tree close to your roof suggest the tree, as well as your house, could be in danger.

Split or Hollow Trunks

Trees with split trunks can also be a concern and create a threat to your home.

Many times, as they get bigger and heavier, these trees will start to crack or split between the two trunks, and the possibility of needing a roof replacement if one side of the tree falls is significant.

Additionally, a hole in the trunk can weaken the whole tree if it enlarges over time.

A hollow trunk indicates the tree is dead or dying and should probably be removed.

These, and trees with multiple trunks should be carefully monitored as they present a very real danger of falling and causing significant roof and home damage.

Damaged or Decaying Roots

The roots are the most important part of the tree and when they are damaged, the tree slowly dies.

As any roof company can tell you, roots damaged by construction around your house or decaying due to disease or other reasons are a prime reason why some trees fall.

It is critical that you monitor the roots of any trees close to your house as well as you can and if symptoms of stress arise, have an arborist look at the tree before it becomes unstable.

Let's Put This All Together

If you own a home and have trees in close proximity, it is essential that you protect your roof and home by carefully monitoring them.

Falling limbs or entire trees could cause substantial damage that requires roof replacement.

Talk to your roof company to identify any trees that could be a threat and get a tree specialist out to help!

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