A new roof when installed by a professional roof company has some kind of a warranty.  Because there are different kinds of warranties, it is helpful to understand just what is covered and by whom. It is also to important to note that homeowners have certain responsibilities to keep from voiding their warranties. To understand roof warranties and the role of roof services in the warranty process, here are a few useful tips.

Installation and Workmanship Warranties

When a problem arises with a roof, the first thought is to call the company that installed that roof. Roofing services typically offer warranties on their installation of roofing products, guaranteeing proper workmanship. If it is determined that the issue is related to the way in which the roof was installed, or if the installation didn't follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and later caused any problems, the roofing company should cover this. Most roofers will back their installation with a warranty that lasts anywhere from a certain number of years to the life of the roof.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

A manufacturer’s warranty exists on the actual material used for a roofing job. This is the manufacturer’s way of standing behind their product and guaranteeing that it will work when installed when their installation directions are followed. When a problem with a roof arises not due to any installation issues, the manufacturer's warranty generally covers any repair or replacement.

Which Warranty Covers What?

Determining which warranty is primary can be a bit difficult. While the installer’s warranty typically covers a roof in the event of poor workmanship and the manufacturer covers problems with the roofing material, there is also the question of overlap. If the company providing roof services is at fault for poor installation, who covers the cost of the new roofing material? If the roof problem proves to be any type of issue with the roofing material, who pays for the labor to have a new roof installed? These are all important questions about roof warranties that homeowners must ask, since the answers vary in every situation. Understanding the different limitations with each warranty is vital.

Voiding Roofing Warranties

Before any warranty can be used, homeowners must not do anything to void their warranties, which could include improper installation, poor roof ventilation, pressure washing of asphalt shingles, installation of satellite dishes or antennas on the roof, installation of a new roof over an old one, and many other practices that could cause damage of roofing products or premature roof failure.

A roof is an important and expensive investment which should be protected by at least two separate warranties from either the roof company or manufacturer of roofing materials. The homeowner needs to understand all warranty details and how they come into effect. Most importantly, to keep from accidentally voiding warranties, homeowners should talk to a professional roof services provider and understand what should and should not be done to remain within the terms of applicable warranties!

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