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As the world has become more focused on environmental safety and energy efficiency, roofing technology has expanded and improved in many ways. One such expansion is the development of recycled rubber materials. Recycled rubber roofs may be a newer idea to a number of people; however, some roof services have been installing this type of material for quite a while.

Today, recycled rubber installed by roof companies experienced in such structures is becoming more widely recognized due to its environmental friendliness and improvement in the materials themselves.

Recycled Rubber Not So New

While recycled rubber roofing may be considered new in terms of the history of various materials that have been used to cover roofs, it is a relatively new, commercially available product. This product, which involves recycling old car tires and other rubber, was developed in the late 1970’s and was available for installation by roof services in the early 1980's.

The first roofs installed using this newer recycled material had numerous flaws and did not perform as expected. Manufacturers continued to work with formulas and techniques to perfect their recycled rubber product. Until this occurred, it was not widely available for roof companies to use on homes or buildings.

Improved Recycled Rubber More Popular

Within the last decade, manufacturers of recycled rubber roofing products have improved the original idea to create a superior product that achieves the goals hoped to be reached in the first place. Recycled rubber systems for residential and commercial building roofs became available to roof services at this point.

Recycled rubber membranes are popular for use on commercial buildings because of their durability and low maintenance requirements. Shingles made of this material is becoming a more popular choice with environmentally conscious homeowners as this material continues to prove itself.

Future of Recycled Rubber Roofing

So far recycled rubber when installed by an experienced roof company is providing all the important benefits it has claimed it does. It is durable; resistant to water, wind, UV rays, and impact; requires very little maintenance; and is made of 95% recycled materials with 75% sourced from old tires.

Millions of tires are kept out of landfills since rubber which can be recycled indefinitely is being turned into a new, useful product. Best of all, recycled rubber can be molded and pressed to look like many other materials such as desirable slate, wood shingles and shakes, and other attractive roofing materials.

How Long Does it Last

The only question manufacturers currently have is how long recycled rubber materials can be expected to last. Currently, most materials offer a 20-year warranty, although it is expected that these roofs could last much longer. This will remain a question until the first structures that were installed approximately a decade ago age to the point where they need to be replaced.

Although it has been around nearly four decades, recycled rubber is only now becoming a recognized roofing option offered by many roof services. Considering all the benefits, recycled rubber roofs installed by roof companies experienced with these systems may be the perfect choice for homes in extreme weather areas and homeowners who are environmentally conscious!

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